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Audire Ear
care clinic

Audire Ear care clinic is dedicated to the removal of problematic ear wax using microsuction – a safest and most effective way of wax removal, then all other forms of cleaning including syringing and irrigation. Appointments can be made directly with the clinic without a GP referral.

Treatment provided by Bindu Sam -Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Prescriber with extensive experience in microsuction and dealing with ear care problems. She holds a master’s degree and a Diploma in Ear Care from Rotherham Ear Care Centre.

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The ear is a sensitive and easily damaged sensory organ. Some ear care procedures are highly specialist and it is particularly important that those undertaking any of these procedures are competent to do so, prepared by appropriate training and continuing professional development commensurate with the role. Ear microsuction is the removal of ear wax/ debris using a high-powered microscope and a small, very thin, steel probe fitting attached to a suction pipe.

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